Cosmetic dentistry

Today in day any world wishes a beautiful smile. When a person feels and shines well, it has a solid image of yes same.


Root canal

It receives the name of Treatment of Conduit. It is the process by which there is removed the infected, damaged or dead flesh of the tooth.


Deep cleaning

He disease periodontal is a bacterial infection of the gums that destroys the fibers of incersiĆ³n of the dental plaque and the bone of support that supports the teeth in the mouth.



The treatment of Orthodontics will change the position of the teeth, improving your appearance and aesthetics;


Dentures - dentures implant suported

They are artificial substitutes of the roots of the natural teeth. They are small cylindrical screws that are placed in the maxillary one (sup. or inf.).


Dental implants and more....

The prostodoncia is the branch of the odontolgy takes charge replacing a tooth, already be for absence, fracture or for that needs from an alteration of some restoration,


Very close to otay border crossing

You can park your car in usa and take a taxi to our office or drive just 4 minutes from the otay border

Fast lane medical pass

For your comfort we have courtesy fast lane medical pass for our patient after dental treatment, driving back into the united state